Reinventing partnerships between companies and non-profit organisations

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Charles-Benoît HEIDSIECK

President and founder, RAMEAU (Rayonnement des Associations par le Mécénat d’Entreprises, d’Administrations et d’Iniversités : development of relations between non-profit organisations and companies via sponsorship from businesses, administrations and uni

Seminar Economy and meaning | Thursday April 12, 2012 - 9h - 11h30

In this climate of economic crisis and in the context of the withdrawal of the state from many of its public service missions, what will become of the common good ? Even though on a local scale non-profit organisations can offer practical help by satisfying the needs of the targeted public, they are still generally powerless when it comes to diffusing these practices (which are often pioneering) on a broad scale. Companies, on the other hand, despite having greater technical and financial means, find it hard to innovate in sectors which reach the limits of their expertise. Are there any possibilities, other than those of breaking down the barriers of ignorance and mistrust which separate non-profit organisations from companies, to work towards a situation where talents can be brought together in order to meet the challenges which people face ? Charles-Benoît Heidsieck discusses the possibilities for a joint project for the common good.

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