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Hosham DAWOD

Is an anthropologist at the CNRS. His area of specialisation is Iraq. He has published work on several aspects such as ethnicity, tribalism, power and kinship including 'Tribus et pouvoirs en terre d'Islam' (pub. Armand Colin, 2004) by Faleh A. Jabar & Hosham Dawod & others ; 'Strategic Conflict Assessment of Iraq' (pub. DFID, London, 2005), translated and published recently in Arabic by IIST - Beirut, 2007 ; Hosham Dawod & Faleh A. Jabar (Eds), 'The Kurds, Nationalism and politics' (pub. Saqi Books, London, 2006), translated and published in Arabic and Kurdish (Beyrouth, Bagdad et Erbil, 2006). He is the editor of the 6th issue of the 'Moyen-Orient' review entitled 'Chiisme, spécificités, revendications et réformes' (pub. Paris, 2010). The book 'Tribus et pouvoirs en Irak : de Saddam Hussein à David Petraeus' (pub. Paris) will be published soon.

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Tribes and the american army in Iraq

October 4, 2010 | Seminar Company cultures and managements | Session report

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