Philippe HOUZÉ

President of the Board of Directors of the Galeries Lafayette group which he transformed with innovative collections and new concepts ; he was made Director General of Monoprix (in 1982) and then President Director General (since 1994) of Monoprix, which became the benchmark of town centre shopping. He is a member of the following organisations : Committee 21 (association for durable development) ; CCF-HSBC ; Casino ; the administration council of the National Retail Federation ; French-American Business Council ; President of the International Association of Large Shops ; President of the Union du grand commerce de centre-ville (UCV) ; President of the establishment council of NEGOCIA ; and member elect of the CCIP. He is the author of La vie s’invente en ville ou quelle commerce pour les villes (Économica, 1998) and Vive La Marque (ICC, 1989).

A participé à la séance suivante

How a company changes society

January 23, 2006 | Seminar Guest speakers | Session report

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