The company, the community and economic war

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Michel BERRY

Director of research at the CNRS

Pierre-Noël GIRAUD

Professor of economics, École des mines de Paris

Philippe d’ IRIBARNE

Director of research at the CNRS, Director of Gestion et Société

Seminar Guest speakers | Monday May 20, 1996

The Community is expecting companies to resolve the current crisis and has asked economists to come up with the necessary solutions. M. Berry believes these expectations to be unreasonable: companies are already doing their best to fight the economic war. The situation has been wrongly diagnosed: society is suffering not only from an unemployment crisis but also from a crisis of meaning. The way to overcome this crisis and create jobs is to identify and reinforce the various ways of creating meaning that exist within and outside companies. He suggests a way to initiate such a move: making the registered unemployed available to approved associations.

The entire article was written by:

Michel BERRY

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