Michel BERRY

Graduate of the École des Mines; research director at the CNRS (French National Scientific Research Council); director of the École polytechnique research centre (CRG: centre de recherche en gestion de l’École polytechnique) from 1974 to 1991; in charge of the series ‘Gérer & Comprendre’ in the Annales des Mines magazine from 1985 to 2015; founder of the École de Paris du management; chief editor of the ‘Gazette de la Société et des Techniques’; and president of the steering committee of the École polytechnique magazine ‘La Jaune et la Rouge’.

This speaker took part in the following sessions

The researcher's schedule - Making good use of deadlines and rituals

March 4, 1994 | Seminar Business life | Session report

Managing science

May 22, 1995 | Seminar Guest speakers | Session report

Entre le musée et le café

October 5, 1990 | Seminar Business life | Session report

Que faire de l’Amérique ?

January 10, 1992 | Seminar Business life | Session report

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