Back to basics : wine-making in its natural environment


Vigneron-consultant, Fondateur et dirigeant de Derenoncourt Consultants

Seminar Creation | Tuesday June 10, 2014 - 8h45 - 11h00

Wine-making is founded on age-old practices which existed well before science and oenology arrived. Stéphane Derenoncourt’s approach developed as a result of a fascination for these practices, and because he wanted to revert to empirical practice at a time when formal practice encourages the standardisation of both taste and wine. Derenoncourt considers that wine is above all an expression of the soil, or a reflection of the style of a wine-grower who respects the soil. Based on this philosophy, and putting to good use the company’s in-depth knowledge of soils and vines, he helps wine-growers to make ‘inspirational’ wines using long-term methods of ‘restructuring’ them. Because he has brought the practice of viticulture and wine-making back to life, his company is now recognised throughout the world as a leader in wines which reflect the characteristics of their soils, and as a champion of the diversity of wine.

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