Matfer Bourgeat: 202 years of innovation and still the world number one

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Christophe MIDLER

Chair, Innovation Management; director, ‘Project - Innovation - Design’ Master’s programme, École Polytechnique


Director of innovations, Matfer Bourgeat

Seminar Industrial adventures | Tuesday July 5, 2016 - 17h30 - 19h30

Matfer Bourgeat, the world leader in equipment for the food industry, has gained recognition for making inventions for 202 years. This tradition of innovation has made it possible for the company to develop internationally from the time when the company first started, and to remain the leader in this area while establishing manufacturing sites in France and staying independent. However, the current rapid changes in its markets have forced this middle-market, family-owned company to reinvent its management of the innovation process. Matfer Bourgeat, which normally only deals with intermediary clients, must establish a closer relationship with its end users, understand their needs, and analyse the emerging trends which are redesigning consumer practices. If it does not, then even its most innovative innovations will not come to fruition. Consequently, Matfer Bourgeat has carried out wide-ranging internal, cultural changes, while taking advantage of the academic progress made in innovation management. At the same time, it has taken the features unique to middle-market companies into consideration.

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