Christophe MIDLER

CNRS research director at the Centre de recherche en gestion (CRG I3) and professor at the École Polytechnique. His work focuses on changes in large industrial companies in the field of innovation strategy, project organisation, and design of new products. He has published numerous articles and books on these subjects including ‘Management de l’innovation de rupture – Nouveaux enjeux et nouvelles pratiques’ jointly published with Sihem Ben Mahmoud-Jouini and Rémi Maniak (pub. Éditions de l’École polytechnique, 2012); ‘Réenchanter l’industrie par l’innovation, l’expérience des constructeurs automobile’ with Rémi Maniak and Romain Beaume (pub. Dunod, 2012); ‘L’épopée Logan, nouvelles trajectoires pour l’innovation’ with Bernard Jullien and Yannick Lung (pub. Dunod, 2012); ‘Management de l’innovation et globalisation’ with Sihem Ben Mahmoud-Jouini and Florence Charue-Duboc (pub. Dunod, 2015); and ‘Managing and Working in Project Society – Institutional Challenges of Temporary Organizations’ with Rolf A. Lundin, Niklas Arvidsson, Tim Brady, Eskil Ekstedt and Jörg Sydow (pub. Cambridge University Press, 2015).

This speaker took part in the following sessions

Change with or without crises (a summary of the first sessions)

December 22, 1995 | Seminar Crisis and change | Session report

La révolution de la Twingo

December 4, 1992 | Seminar Business life | Session report

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