How selling cars using the Internet is revolutionising the car distribution system

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Christian NAVARRE

Université d’Ottawa

Seminar Management of Innovation | Wednesday February 23, 2000

During the 1990s, the car industry went through changes in the design and manufacture of cars. It is currently in the process of making profound changes in the car distribution system. The importance of such changes is the impression one has when one sees the growing number of attempts to sell cars using the Internet. It seems that the consequences of these new technologies result in a breakthrough, and have already been responsible for the dismantling and the restructuring of the car distribution system. Today there are a number of very different schemes being set up on the Internet. The resulting distribution system will depend on the reaction of the consumers, the ability of these new sites to make money, and the involvement of manufacturers who are already heralding the arrival of these changes.

The entire article was written by:

Thomas PARIS

This session was published in issue n°25 of the Journal de l'École de Paris du management, entitled Virages et mirages  de la nouvelle économie.

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