Assessing the social integration of problem young : 15 years of successes and failures

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Professeur associé à Paris XII

Seminar Social life | Thursday March 23, 2000

Through the impetus given by Bertrand SCHWARTZ, a national public service called « Mission for new professional qualifications » was created in 1988. The aim was to take in charge the problem young so ensuring their social integration, and to persuade the enterprises that they should have advantage to hire them despite their low level of professional qualification. This mission who had achieved fairly good results was broken in 1991. Nevertheless the previous members of this mission carry on with this action in their new appointments. François BEAUJOLIN goes over the sequence of events, insisting on the actions successful, as well on the problems encountered, on the impetuses speeding up the pace of that mission, as well on the obstacles slowing it down. He shows how much the problems set up remain present today.

The entire article was written by:

Lucien CLAES

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