Air traffic control reorganisation : the misunderstandings between the parties

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Jean-Baptiste STUCHLIK

Business consultancy GESTE, Docteur de l’Ecole Polytechnique en sciences de gestion

Seminar Social life | Thursday April 20, 2000

What the public really knows about the air traffic control people is that, when they are on strike, no plane is allowed to take off. In fact the air traffic controllers secure passengers from any plane crash, due to colliding on the ground or in flight. It is precisely to stand up for  this safety that they are opposing any reorganisation whose purpose would be any cost-cutting plan. Facing them, the airline companies and the governments are inclined to privatise the air traffic control, although the grounds for such change be not the same for each other. As the communication between the different sides looks too often as a dialogue of the deaf, a satisfactory answer for everybody is far from being reached. In the meantime, the air traffic and the concomitant risks for the passengers continue to increase.

The entire article was written by:

Lucien CLAES

This session was published in issue n°27 of the Journal de l'École de Paris du management, entitled Les principes, les normes, les règles .

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