About the steady building of the Council of Europe

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Bernard BOUGON S.J.

Associate, FVA Management

Seminar Social life | Thursday September 21, 2000

Deeply rooted in the European history, the idea of a united Europe is taking shape step by step. Turning over a new page, that is the question : people from neighbouring countries which have been too often waging war against each others must now build up peace to afford a different way of life, in particular enforcing the human rights. This is why was founded, after the World War 2, the Council of Europe whose main achievements are : the European Convention for Human Rights, the European Social Chart. Today 41 countries are members of the Council of Europe. Bernard BOUGON, the observer of the Holy See, explains how the diplomats spin a web to prepare step by step a democratic community, in spite of the tensions, the wars and even the atrocities occurring yet in the European crises.

The entire article was written by:

Lucien CLAES

This session was published in issue n°27 of the Journal de l'École de Paris du management, entitled Les principes, les normes, les règles .

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