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Pascal KUHN

DRH de Micro Compact Car (MCC France), une entreprise du groupe DaimlerChrysler

Seminar Business life | Friday July 5, 2002

The Smart is unquestionably an innovative car. Smartville, the site where it is manufactured, is equally innovative. The factory has been custom-built to optimise production flows, and it houses about ten companies which are partners in the Smart project. They are each in charge of a module of the car and they work together on the assembly line. These partners were chosen by the principal, Micro Compact Car (MCC), a subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler, not only for their professionalism, but also for their innovative skills and their ability to produce value for money. However, this situation of autonomous but interdependent companies, living together under one roof, only works thanks to constant efforts by each company involved carrying out regulatory controls and assuming individual responsibility.
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Lucien CLAES

This session was published in issue n°39 of the Journal de l'École de Paris du management, entitled Le profit n'est pas tout.

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