Can we resist the onslaught of Hollywood ?

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Managing director, Centre national de la cinématographie (National Centre for cinematography)

Thomas PARIS

Associate researcher, École polytechnique , Co-ordinator of a special edition of the revue CinémAction entitled Quelle diversité face à Hollywood ?


Indian novelist and film director, Director of the film 'Jaya, Gang's daughter'

Seminar Guest speakers | Monday June 10, 2002

Hollywood films account for 85 % of the receipts in cinemas throughout the world, and threaten the cinematographical industries of other countries at the present time. Even though the "dream factory" still fascinates many people, its absolute reign arouses many concerns since with its films, Hollywood not only imposes an industrial concept of film-making but also exports the American way of life. Countries have been resisting this for a long time. This is the case in India and France, but each of these two countries has a very different model. The comparison of these models raises the question of cultural diversity : what does this mean in practical terms, and what objectives can one defend faced with the onslaught of the Hollywood steamroller ?

The entire article was written by:

Thomas PARIS

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