Managing the assets of a congregation in accordance with one's principles

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General bursar, Congregation of Notre-Dame, ex-President of the association Ethique et investissement

Seminar Social life | Thursday January 16, 2003

Twenty years ago, the congregation of Notre-Dame, which was represented on four continents but which was confronted with the problem of the ageing of its nuns, decided to create a pension fund to make the retirement of its staff secure. However, is not putting one's money into the Stock Exchange morally unfair, something to which the Latin American nuns are very sensitive ? Sister Nicole Reille, bursar of the congregation, founded the association Éthique et Investissement together with other congregations. This association is intended to make sure that their savings are invested in company projects which are most compatible with morals of human respect and developing countries. This was how the first ethical fund in France was created in 1983. Twenty years on, what is the impact of this fund ? Are we heading towards the end of non ethical funds ?

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This session was published in issue n°41 of the Journal de l'École de Paris du management, entitled Terrae incognitae .

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