Municipal crèches and crèches run by associations

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President, association for crèches and children’s nurseries for children of students

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Research worker specialising in early childhood care facilities

Seminar Social life | Thursday May 27, 2004

Many public services emerge from private initiatives : thus with the passage of time, a properly functioning crèche run by an association might, in the long-term, become a municipal crèche. However, this scenario is extremely rare and when it does take place, it is generally because an association-run crèche shows signs of serious malfunction. The two sorts of crèches coexist with important differences, including the admission criteria, the management of human resources and salaries. Both kinds of crèche have their own networks, even though the origin of their funding is identical, (this includes the parents, the government office responsible for family allowances, and the local councils). Does this make a difference for the children, their parents or the tax payer ? If, according to a study, municipal crèches cost less than crèches run by associations, why not make the latter municipal ?

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