In favour of the marketing of public policy

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Director, cabinet IDRH


Managing director, department in charge of communications for the town Creusot Montceau

Seminar Social life | Thursday June 24, 2004

In France, political life is based on a representative democracy : elected representatives are responsible for taking decisions on behalf of their constituents. However, these representatives want to involve their constituents in the decision-making process. Relationships between public organisations and the people involved in the surrounding context consequently take on great importance. In order to understand and improve these relationships, the company IDRH suggests adopting the principles of marketing. Marketing is one of the components in the management of any organisation which wants to take potential clients' needs into account and to promote services which the organisation offers. Would better knowledge of the needs of the public improve the relevance and the quality of services provided by public organisations and, consequently, democracy ?

The entire article was written by:

Lucien CLAES

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