Backstage at Roland Garros : the technological challenge

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Marketing director, IBM France


In charge of new technologies and multimedia, French Tennis Federation (Fédération française de tennis)

Seminar Business life | Friday July 1, 2005

Since 1985, IBM has been contributing to the success and world-wide recognition of the Roland Garros (French Master's) tennis tournament. It is already twenty years! This close, long-term professional partnership with IBM has enabled the French Tennis Federation (FFT) to make this event into a global showcase. IBM has created and developed the official website ( which records the number of 'hits' (site visits) which ensures that the website is being constantly improved. IBM also provides the scoring system which shows constant updates of matches as they take place. It also analyses the matches and the players' actions in order to improve their game. The organisers carefully ensure that this array of technology remains dedicated to the spirit of the game while at the same time making an efficient contribution towards promoting the sport.

The entire article was written by:

Lucien CLAES

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