The reduction of car traffic volumes by the management of parking facilities

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Patrick CARLES

Managing director, SARECO

Seminar Social life | Thursday March 15, 2007 - 9h - 11h30

Climatic change thought to be due to carbon dioxide emission as well as public health problems resulting from car pollution, have encouraged many large cities to try to reduce car traffic. This has been done by reducing the number of traffic lanes, increasing the amount of public transport, and setting up zones where non-public transport traffic is charged. An analysis of car parking facilities in densely built-up areas may reveal little-known but extremely efficient alternatives. Whether one uses one's car for a journey is not only influenced by traffic flow, but also by the ease of parking when one arrives at one's destination. However, if one goes into this in detail, the relationship between different methods of parking and the consequent amount of traffic generated is often counter-intuitive. Patrick Carles, who has been an advisor in this area for thirty-five years, reveals the secrets.

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