Whatever happened to all the executives ?

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Co-authors of the book Quand les cadres se rebellent (When executives rebel)


General secretary of the CFDT (French employment trade union)

Jean-François PILLIARD

Representative for the UIMM (union of metalworking industry)

Jean-Claude THOENIG

Co-authors of the book Quand les cadres se rebellent (When executives rebel)

Seminar Guest speakers | Monday September 22, 2008 - 19h - 21h15

Are executives, who represent 15 % of the salaried workforce in France, as happy as we think ? This may not be the case ! David Courpasson and Jean-Claude Thoenig describe and comment on the dissatisfaction of company executives which has been expressed over recent years, and whose members have voiced their desire for such events to be made known. This in itself is a new phenomenon. Executives are intermediaries in centralised power who do not take part in strategic decisions and therefore feel both isolated from those on the bottom of the hierarchy as well as from the management at the top. At the same time, they find themselves burdened with heavy responsibilities which forces them to put their professional commitments before their private lives. For some executives, this lead to nervous breakdowns. Many executives expect a minimum amount of recognition, respect and consideration. Are executives starting to break the usual customs of silence ? Companies, organisations which represent staff, and politicians undoubtedly have reason to be concerned.

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This session was published in issue n°75 of the Journal de l'École de Paris du management, entitled Entreprises en quête d'identité.

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