Project evenings : how to get projects moving

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Project manager - Association Aurore

Seminar Social life | Thursday April 30, 2009 - 9h - 11h30

How should one show one's support for project developers and help them with their initiatives ? Lakdar Kherfi suggests that the answer is to organise friendly, social evenings where they can meet people who might help them. Lakdar Kherfi has been involved in social activities from his youth, and for many years has taken on the problems associated with people who have ideas, but not enough resources to carry them out. 'These occasions are usually normal, friendly meetings. If one invites people who have projects to present their initiatives, 'Café projets' will become a sort of platform to publicise one's project.' Since 2006, about sixty participants are involved approximately one evening each month using a format which is right on target. One in every three people has signed up to support a project, and more than two hundred jobs have been created. This success enables one to perfect a system of help and support, by organising an evening for project managers at the start of the process in order to test the strength of the ideas, followed by a 'village project' later on, to support the achievement. All that remains is to find the financing for all this, and that is not very easy…

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