Spoiled for choice

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President, founder, DOM PLUS




Sociologist, Director, Institut WEI

Seminar Guest speakers | Monday June 8, 2009 - 19h - 21h15

Wealth in our society generates complex situations in which individuals become disorientated and seemingly spoiled for choice. This may take the form of a huge variety of mobile telephones ; numerous possibilities of providing financial aid for small and medium-sized companies ; and multiple subsidies which are available to farmers. This is confusing when compared with problems such as unemployment, accidents, and sickness. There are a multitude of systems and measures to help alleviate these situations, but they are managed by people who are so confined in their own specific sector that they fail to help efficiently on a broader scale. DOM PLUS may provide the solution. It aims to offer services for the entire range of difficulties with which a person may be faced at any given moment in time. Therefore, modern, complex situations which are likely to proliferate with time, may, surprisingly, be the source of new services and jobs if the appropriate business models are applied. In the meantime, everyone, regardless of his age and job, may once again be in charge of his own life, something which is crucial in a society which believes in personal autonomy.

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