Taking early, preventative measures to alleviate the social vulnerability of children

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Patrick BEAU

Magistrate, President, 'Mission Possible' association


In charge of financial partnerships and communications for 'Mission Possible'

Seminar Social life | Thursday April 15, 2010 - 18h - 20h

Claude Beau, who died in January 2010, was a magistrate who was committed to social justice. She devoted all her energy to informing the public of the consequences of the social vulnerability of children. She created the 'Mission Possible' association in 2002 because, in France, there was no scheme to detect potential risks affecting the social vulnerability of children aged between 6 and 12 and their parents. The association has spread, and expanded its work ever since. It detects various 'early warning signs' which enable the association to carry out early preventative work, and then give every child the educational care necessary to encourage its development. Innovative and rigorous teaching methods put in place by the association have produced convincing results, and enabled the creation of several ways of detecting circumstances in which children are at risk. Patrick Beau, a magistrate, has taken over as head of the association, and tells the extraordinary story of Claude Beau, an exceptional woman with an exceptional project to help society.

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