Guest speakers

"Evening dress" conjures up images of glittering gatherings, but which nonetheless can be conventional. The evening is the time when the ‘performance’ starts. Just like at evening parties, the Guest Speakers’ evenings at the École de Paris aim to bring together many people and the speakers have to shine. Steps are taken, however, to avoid conventional speeches. One or two people are invited to comment on the talk, and then the floor is opened for discussion. This is when the ‘friends’ of the École de Paris can ask very precise questions. These gatherings put into perspective the works of well known personalities and enable the dissemination of recent findings. The evening ends with an informal, convivial and generous buffet. This facilitates friendly conversation and shows the École de Paris’ desire to maintain a simple style which best suits such mental exercises.


Michel BERRY

Fondateur de l'École de Paris du management


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