Dom Plus : the listening call centre

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President and founder, Dom Plus

Seminar Social life | Thursday October 20, 2005 - 9h - 11h30

At one time or another, everyone has been in contact with a call centre where the respondent delivers a standard dialogue which seldom satisfies the consumer. With his company Dom Plus, Serge Bizouerne intends to promote a different kind of communication using a telephone which listens to the consumer, and offers a made-to-measure service which does not automatically look for a mandatory profit. For the past five years, the company has been dealing with nearly four million clients because Dom Plus has become recognised for client relations and helping people, and also for the uniqueness of its governance : Dom Plus has chosen to involve its clients in its capital, to separate financial power and decision-making and to create an ethics committee made up of important individuals who work on a voluntary basis. These are original methods for a personalised profession whose catchword could be ‘Priority to the Person’.

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