PhD, author of Le Siècle du persiflage (1734-1789) published by PUF in 1998, and the play La Marquise m'attend à cinq heures a dialogue between a collaborator of the École de Paris and a philosopher of the Enlightenment, performed at the École de Paris in November 1999. She has written numerous reports of talks for the École de Paris since 1996 ; she is the co-host of the Collective Lives seminar, and has a column entitled l'Esprit de l'escalier in the Journal of the École de Paris since January 2000. She is also the secretary of the very active association Accomplir for people who live in the area of Les Halles in Paris. She has written a book with Captain Joël Terry entitled Mille jours pour vaincre l'insécurité - Policier aux Halles de Paris(One thousand days to combat insecurity - being a policeman in Les Halles, Paris), published by Creaphis in 2005.

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